I mentioned before about getting my clarinet fixed up, and playing more clarinet.  (See below).  I also had the opportunity to spend some time with probably one of the greatest living jazz and classical clarinetists, Eddie Daniels.  It was an amazing time working with him, and boy, did he kick me into gear!  I've been practicing and working on what he taught me, and and I still have a long way to go.  But he certainly pointed me in the right direction.  

     You'll notice that I'm playing clarinet on these new tunes.  I'm really enjoying getting back into clarinet; it is a whole different animal than sax, especially bari sax, is.  (I think Benny Goodman said something about lazy musicians play the sax; you have to be really good to play clarinet!)  

     By the way, I had my 1956 Buffet R-13 clarinet overhauled by Wesley Rice, the owner of Rice Clarinet Works, www.ClarinetWorks.com.  He did a great job.  He kept me informed about everything, and did all the work on time and for the agreed prices.  You often hear about folks not doing the job right or not handling the business side of things properly, but Wes did both.  I'm very happy with my "new" 1956 clarinet; now I've just got to practice enough to keep up with the horn!

     You'll see a variety of tunes from various albums and tracks on the "Marc's Music" page, so check that out as well.  You can also buy music if you go to the "Buy Here" page, so please do so!




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